People's Casino

Own your own casino gambling machine on the blockchain!


People's Casino © allows you to purchase and run your own fully functional gambling application on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain. Each casino is a unique online gambling machine. You are responsible for supplying the house reserve, and solely benefit from all earnings. After you have purchased a casino for a flat rate, we do not take ANY percentage of casino takings.

Each casino has its own unique url, check out the example below:

(Or on the Polygon network)


Since each casino is ERC-721 compliant, they can be bought and traded like any other Crypto token. The first sales of People's Casino's © will be auctioned off at OpenSea. After the intial launch, individual casinos can be traded with anyone, for any price! Get in early for your investment today!
Follow the link below to buy your own casino on OpenSea today!

Generation 1 on sale now!


Available on OpenSea


Available on OpenSea